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However, the company saw its consolidated net profit for the full fiscal rise by 6. Its consolidated total income during January-March was up at Rs 44, Total expenses increased to Rs 40, For the fiscalthe company recorded a consolidated gross revenue of Rscrore from continuing operations, achieving y-o-y growth of 8 per cent.

International revenue during the year stood at Rs 48, crore, which constituted 33 per cent of the total revenue. During the March quarter, the company declared interim dividend Rs 10 per equity share.

Against the backdrop of domestic challenges and global volatility and the uncertainty about timelines by which normalcy will be restored, the company said it has taken a number of measures designed to weather the economic crisis. These measures include building sufficient liquidity on the balance sheet, adapting business models to incorporate work-at-home practices wherever feasible, optimising digital initiatives, sharply focusing on all items of costs to maximise economic benefits, taking care of the large sub-contracted labour force at work sites, it said.

While the initial quarters of FY are expected to be adversely affected by the current upheaval, the company said said it expects growth revival in the later part of the financial year assuming things get better from here.

Even though the Government has announced a wide ranging raft of stimulus measures designed to alleviate stress in various sectors, it is likely that economic growth will still take a few quarters more to revive to healthy levels,' the company said.

L&T Q4 consolidated net profit down 4%; FY'20 profit rises 6% at Rs 10,240 cr

The Indian economy has been struck by the coronavirus pandemic at a time when some green shoots of economic recovery were being forecasted after a prolonged bout of growth slowdown, the engineering ad construction giant said.

The company said it bagged a spate of orders worth Rscrore at the group level during the year ended March 31,registering growth of 9 per cent compared to the previous year even in the face of subdued business environment and economic challenges. It said the order inflow for the quarter ended March 31, stood at Rs 57, crore, registering a growth of 5 per cent over the corresponding period of the previous year, with significant orders received in infrastructure segment.

The consolidated order book of the group stood at Rs 3,03, crore as at March 31,registering a growth of 4 per cent over March, International orders constitute 25 per cent of the total Order Book. It said its infrastructure segment secured orders of Rscrore, during the year ended March 31,registering growth of 7 per cent compared to previous year. International orders at Rs 29, crore constituted 29 per cent of the total order inflow of the segment during the year, with noteworthy order wins in Africa and Middle East, it said.

The order book of the segment stood at Rscrore as at March 31,with the international order book constituting 21 per cent of the total order book, it said. Power segment secured orders of Rs 12, crore for the year ended March 31, It said the segment achieved customer revenue of Rs 22, crore during the year ended March 31, including Mindtree revenue consolidation of Rs 5, crore.

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r?il s[,.t#q

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You have to accept your reservation below. Connect with Facebook. Connect with Google.Question : In which year was Rahul born? Statements : I. Rahul at present is 25 years younger to his mother. Rahul's brother, who was born inis 35 years younger to his mother. Question : What will be the total weight of 10 poles, each of the same weight? One-fourth of the weight of each pole is 5 kg. The total weight of three poles is 20 kilograms more than the total weight of two poles.

Question : How many children does M have? H is the only daughter of X who is wife of M. K and J are brothers of M. Question : How much was the total sale of the company?

The company sold units of product A each costing Rs. This company has no other product line. Login into Examveda with Login with Facebook. Who among them is in the middle when they stand in the order of their heights? T is not the shortest. R is taller than S but shorter than Q. P ranks third in height above S when all are arranged in the order of height. Only I and II B.

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But, according to I, T is not the shortest. So, R is the shortest. So, T is in the middle. Join The Discussion. I alone is sufficient while II alone is not sufficient B. II alone is sufficient while I alone is not sufficient C. Either I or II is sufficient D. Neither I nor II is sufficient E.He is best known for his hit song " Westside ", which became a top 40 hit in several countries in After two album releases, Coming of Age in September [1] and Comin' Correct in May[2] the group went their separate ways.

The summer of saw TQ notch his first hit with "Westside". The UK release had a different track listing to the European release. Although the album was not released in America, the American version yet again had a different track listing.

TQ eventually digitally released bonus tracks from the album in May He left Sony and joined Cash Money Records around TQ released this himself via digital means on 16 June He released a new album, Listenin TQ's song Paradise was released on April 29, This was followed by the Paradise album on 30 June On March 23,TQ released the S.

EP on iTunes. It was made available on CD on June TQ released his next album, titled Kind of Blueon March 23, After a European tour in summerhe co-wrote and recorded "Uh Oh", a pop duet with the British singer-songwriterDanielle Senior.

It was released April It is an album aimed at his female fans. TQ's latest album, Coming Homewas released on 11 August At the age of 16, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia. He has a sister. He has an older son, Rashaun, and a younger son, Tylon. Tylon has a YouTube channel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources.

Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful. Official video ". TQ Board". Just wait. Archived from the original on September 4, London: Guinness World Records Limited. August 9, Retrieved August 23, Namespaces Article Talk.

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Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.Joseph R. Biden Jr. Two years earlier, he voted to cut off federal funds to schools that teach the acceptance of homosexuality.

InMr. Biden, in an off-handed response to a question, wondered if homosexuals in the military or government were potential security risks. But today, Mr. Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, has so completely identified himself with positions embraced by L. If he is elected president, said Chad Griffin, a political consultant and longtime gay rights leader, Mr. So were his differences with President Trumpwho barely acknowledged the ruling, and the Republican National Committee, which is holding over the party platform from that still opposes same-sex marriage and supports so-called conversion therapy for L.

Biden has managed to not only keep pace with these evolving views, but on same-sex marriage, he was a step ahead of many of his fellow Democrats. This has been the case despite the nuances of his record over the past 50 years, his centrist politics in a party that is moving to the left and his age. Biden, 77, grew up in an era when homosexuality, the word routinely used at the time, was often viewed as a sin and even a crime.

He can slip into dated generalizations about gay and lesbian life, as he did in an interview with Anderson Cooper at an L. They love each other. For all of the current unease with him on the left, Mr. Biden was the highest-ranking Democrat to initially endorse same-sex marriage — disclosing his position in a television interview in May that helped prod President Barack Obama to take the same position in an interview a few days later.

Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination. But in voting for the Defense of Marriage Act, a bill that was passed with overwhelming support from both parties and signed by President Bill Clinton, Mr. Biden, then a Delaware senator, lent his name to legislation that came to be known as one of the biggest legislative setbacks for the gay rights movement in its history.

His musing about gay men and lesbians as security risks inand his support for a measure restricting how homosexuality was presented to schoolchildren, reflects the kind of attitudes that gay and lesbian activists had to battle during the early decades of the movement.

L&T Q4 PAT declines over 6% to 3197 cr

Frankly, we should want leaders with big minds and open hearts who are willing to evolve and, in the case of Joe Biden, bring the country along.

Evan Wolfson, who founded the advocacy group Freedom to Marry and was a leader in the campaign for same-sex marriage, said his organization had specifically sought Mr. Wolfson said. Wolfson said of Mr. This month, the administration moved to roll back protections for transgender people against discrimination by doctors, hospitals and health insurance companies. And his administration has repeatedly nominated federal judges with records opposing L.

Still, Mr. Cuomo in for the Democratic nomination for governor in New York, said in a statement. Joe voted for it. Biden has suggested that his vote was a way of precluding a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage. From the first weeks after the riots at the Stonewall Inn and the start of the modern-day gay rights movement, L. The explicit strategy was that increased visibility — as family members, co-workers, civic leaders, celebrities — would lead to more acceptance by the general public.

r?il s[,.t#q

One of Mr. McBride said that Mr. Biden grieved with her after her husband died at the age of 28; Mr. Biden had just lost his own son. He has officiated at two gay weddings, including in when Henry R.The question is will the telecommunications powerhouse keep up its impressive run amid a changing consumer landscape that has seen more pay-TV customers defect in favor of streaming TV services such as Netflix NFLX. Investors also want to see the firm adapt to other challenges. Bottom Line.

This helps T boast an impressive 5. However, T stock rests just below its week highs, which could put added pressure on the firm to post stronger-than-expected quarterly results. Zacks has just released Century of Biology: 7 Biotech Stocks to Buy Right Now to help investors profit from 7 stocks poised for outperformance.

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The stocks in this report could perform even better. Want the latest recommendations from Zacks Investment Research? Today, you can download 7 Best Stocks for the Next 30 Days. Zacks Investment Research. Finance Home. Industry News. India markets closed. Benjamin Rains. Zacks 15 October View photos. Story continues. Recently Viewed Your list is empty. What to read next. Yahoo Finance. Country Living.

Capital Market. The Telegraph. The Quint.This action cannot be undone. This will permanently delete All Practiced Questions. An invasive weed found in standing water is 1. Grass 2. Lotus 3. Aquarium oxygen plant 4. Water hyacinth. Shoot 2. Node 3. Axial shoot 4. Which among the following is immortal 1. Sea algae 2.

Amoeba 3. Plants grown by vegetative propagation 4. Every living organism is mortal. The females of placental mammals exhibit cyclical changes in the activities of ovaries and accessory ducts as well as hormones during the reproductive phase.

Pourquoi Vercingétorix a-t-il perdu la bataille d'Alésia ?

In non-primate mammals it is known as 1. Oestrus cycle 2. Menstrual cycle 3. Reproductive cycle 4. Sexual cycle. There are various types of reproduction.

r?il s[,.t#q

The type of reproduction adopted by an organism depends on: 1. The habitat and morphology of the organism 2. Morphology of the organism 3. Morphology and physiology of the organism 4. There is no natural death in single celled organisms like Amoeba and bacteria because: 1. They cannot reproduce sexually 2.

They reproduce by binary fission 3.

Brew controller wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

Parental body is distributed among the offspring 4. They are microscopic. Offspring formed by sexual reproduction exhibit more variation than those formed by asexual reproduction because: 1.

Sexual reproduction is a lengthy process 2. Gametes of parents have qualitatively different genetic composition 3.

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